Brother Tries to Save Brother After Sinkhole Opens Up

A man is feared to be dead after a huge sinkhole opened up under a house near Tampa, Florida. Jeff Bush, 37, disappeared after the concrete floor caved in yesterday. Jeff’s brother Jeremy jumped in the hole in an effort to rescue his brother but was rescued himself as the ground continued to cave in.

Jeremy said he could hear his brother calling him for help. “The floor was still giving in and the dirt was still going down, but I didn’t care. I wanted to save my brother,” said Jeremy. “But I just couldn’t do nothing.”
Rescue crews lowered equipment in to the sinkhole, but so far, there have been no signs of life. The sink hole is reported to be about 20 feet to 30 feet across and might be 30 feet deep.
Jeremy Bush and four other people, including a 2-year-old child, escaped from the one-story home in Seffner, Florida. Nearby homes have been evacuated.

Engineers are trying to determine if the ground is stable enough to support heavy machinery to help recover the body. They said they might have to demolish the house even though there appears to be nothing wrong with the home.

Florida is prone to sinkholes since the bedrock is made of limestone, a porous rock that easily dissolves in water.
 photo sinkholegraphic_zpse2b61639.gif
Courtesy of the Southwest Florida Water Management District
Florida law requires that home insurers provide sinkhole coverage
Jeremy Bush said someone inspected the home a few months ago to check for sinkholes and other things. “He said there was nothing wrong with the house. Nothing. And a couple of months later, my brother dies. In a sinkhole,” Bush said.


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