Harlem Shakes on a Plane

The Harlem Shake has reached new heights. Love it or hate it. The dance craze is popping up everywhere. The Federal Aviation Administration isn’t happy about the recent “Harlem Shake” that took place aboard a Frontier Airlines flight. The “Harlem Shake” is a YouTube meme that has gone viral in the past few months. Typically, one person starts the dance and then everyone else joins in with a few people wearing costumes.

In the video above, the Colorado College’s Ultimate Frisbee team convinced the crew to let the passengers take part.
The FAA tells KUSA 9 News of Denver it’s investigating whether the plane was at a safe altitude for passengers to be out of their seats and moving around in the cabin.

In a report with The Catalyst, Colorado College FFA Spokesperson Tony Molinero quoted, “…I don’t know where the [investigators] were told about it, but when they saw the video they just decided to look into it because it is better to be safe than sorry.”

The Frisbee team says they asked the cabin crew for permission to do the shake, but also asked the other passengers who seemed to be okay with it. Many of the passengers also participated.

Frontier Airlines released the following statement:
“We have a police not to comment on things that are under investigation by the FAA, but I can tell you that all safety measures were followed and the seatbelt sign was off.”

It remains unclear whether the pilot knew the passengers would be leaving their seats to record the video.


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