School Cracks Down on Leggings

A junior high school in California is cracking down on leggings. Kenilworth Junior High in Petaluma, Calif. is enforcing a dress code that states that girls wearing leggings without something covering up with shorts, skirts or dresses will not be allowed on campus.

The school says they’re trying to prevent students from showing up to class in see-through clothing.
“The concern my staff and I have is basically seeing underwear,’’ Kenilworth principal Emily Dunnagan told “With girls, leggings can be very, very thin, and leggings are fine as long as there is something over the top of them. We want to keep the learning environment distraction-free.’’

Dunnagan says she’s received two dozen phone calls and emails from parents supporting the new dress code, and about seven from parents who were against it. The school has more than 900 students.

Girls who violate the dress code won’t be sent home, but instead sent to the main office to change into pants or shorts. If boys wear baggy pants that expose underwear, they’ll also be in violation and will be given a rope to pull their jeans up.

Recently, a high school in Washington DC made headlines after a principal told a student that her outfit was inappropriate. The student’s shirt wasn’t longer than finger-tip length.


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