U.S. Survey: Most Have Difficulty Sleeping on Sunday Nights

Nine p.m. rolls around and then before you know it, midnight has come. You’re not ready to start the working week just yet. Did the weekend go too fast? Or is it simply the Sunday blues? It’s a common occurrence in most U.S. households as a new study reveals that Sunday night is the most difficult night to fall asleep. According to online panel provider Toluna Omnibus, up to 39 percent of more than 3,000 respondents say they have trouble catching “Z’s” on Sundays.

Sleep by Flickr MacAttck


Photo credit Macattck

Why is Sunday so special? Sleep specialist “Michael J. Breus, Ph.D., tells The Huffington post that “social jet leg” creeps in after staying up later on most Friday and Saturday nights. Sleeping in on Saturday and Sunday mornings also shifts the entire biological clock. “When Sunday night comes around, your body is used to staying up later and sleeping later,” he tells the Huffington Post.

Another major factor is stress, says Breus. People who are employed full-time and homemakers felt the effects of stress about the week ahead. Tuesdays and Thursdays were identified as some of the easier nights to fall asleep. As tempting as it is to sleep in on the weekends, Breus says to stick to your regular sleeping schedule. He also recommends writing in a worry journal and creating to-do lists to combat stress.



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