Newly revealed Liberty Park adds culture to New York Financial District

A pleasant surprise has been revealed on the roof of the World Trade Center vehicle security building. Dubbed “Liberty Park”, the roughly one-acre space sits about two stories above Liberty Street and offers a sweeping view of the World Trade Center memorial and the symbolic new One World Trade Center tower immediately beyond.

Though initial information about the park was well concealed, the Port Authority eventually began giving out details after images of Liberty Park showed up on the website of participating architect Santiago Calatrava. Calatrava is responsible for designing the new St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church that will be located within the new park.

Liberty Park should make a fine addition to the Financial District/Battery Park, an area that is already no stranger to public art and vibrant cultural centers. Individuals who want more venues to explore after Liberty Park will find plenty of offerings in neighboring Battery Park City, another major urban project that has successfully combined commerce and residential areas seamlessly.

It is overseen by the Battery Park City Authority, run by Dennis Mehiel and a board of directors made up of local business success stories such as Hispanics Across America leader Fernando Mateo and Carl Mattone of the Mattone Group. The BPCA website is considered a successful urban experiment, and boasts 36 acres of parks and gardens and has been dubbed the “largest green neighborhood in the world.”


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