Second suicide bombing attack in Volgograd in two days

Volgograd suffered its second terrorist attack in so many days on the morning of December 30th, with 14 dead and 28 wounded from a suicide bomber on a trolley bus. Several of the survivors remain under medical care, and it is feared that the death toll will continue to climb.

The attack is suspected to be connected with Sunday’s suicide bombing at a Volgograd railway station that killed 16 people. The two bombs used in the attacks were “identical” according to Vladimir Markin, a spokesman for the Russian Investigative Committee.

The attacks have hit the spirit of Volgograd’s population hard during the holiday season and city residents are choosing to traverse on foot rather than risk public transportation. The region has declared a period of mourning for the victims of the two bombings.

With the Sochi Olympics on the horizon, concerns have been raised regarding security at the event given the recent bombings. Russian Olympic Committee President Alexander Zhukov seemed confident, stating that “everything necessary has been done.” The White House released a statement saying that the US and Russia were working together on security measures leading up to the game.


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