St. Peter’s Square

Okay, so I fell for it! This photo is pretty incredible!

 photo PopeStPetersSquare_zps88558f61.jpg

The Washington Post reports,
“But the top photo (shown above), which shows an audience with far fewer gadgets was taken during the funeral procession of Pope John Paul II — a very different mood and event type. There was no one addressing the crowd from the balcony, for example. So, the comparison isn’t quite accurate.”

The bottom photo in 2013 was taken during the election of Pope Francis.

Here’s a more accurate portrayal.

 photo 2006-0031363302361_zps8cd3b2a0.jpg
 photo Vatican_Pope_06523_zps92f32bce.jpg

As you can see, the smart phones and tablets aren’t there yet in 2005.