Locals Weigh in on Proposed Belmont Soccer Stadium

The prospect of a brand new soccer stadium being constructed at Belmont Park in Elmont, New York has locals and state officials weighing in on what this would mean for the community. According to CBS Local News, the Cosmos are pushing hard for a “25,000-seat Stadium near Belmont Park,” which has created a division within the Elmont community.



Photo courtesy Cosmos Stadium

Earlier this year, the New York Cosmos, in conjunction with the Queens-based Carl Mattone, a Real Estate Group, submitted a proposal to build a new Soccer stadium at Belmont Park, which included the construction of a massive sports complex nearby the racetrack, as well as retail space. Avid New York sports fans are probably familiar with the Cosmos, despite their decades-long hiatus as a team. The reformation of the soccer team, with a stadium to match, is believed by many to be a step forward for New York sports culture, as well as a means to further improve the economy in New York, and Elmont, specifically.

Others would disagree. Many community members are concerned that the construction of a stadium could create problems like increased traffic, and that the economic benefits won’t be long lasting. “The soccer executives get something out of this deal, the state gets something out of this deal; however the community doesn’t get what it needs,” explains Nassau County Legislator Carrie Solages.

However, the Cosmos insist that “development will help re-energize Belmont and the surrounding community with 3,000 full-time jobs, 500 construction jobs, a restaurant row and a 4.5-acre park,” reports CBS. Not only would soccer matches draw in community members and visitors, it would provide jobs, and elevate the overall status of Elmont, which reportedly doesn’t even have its own grocery store.

The Empire State Development Corporation is still evaluating incoming bids and is set to make its decision about the stadium any day now.